Malta is one of the most cost-effective jurisdictions for Social Security Taxes (MLC 2006 Compliant) with a rate set around 400€/month per crew-member shared between the employer and the employee.

In order to benefit from these advantages, the crew-member must be employed onboard a Maltese registered vessel and the social security contributions paid by the employer must be registered in Malta.

What are benefits for crew European resident?

Malta is a member of the European Union and therefore has signed the European Social Charter.

Each European Crew Resident can access to:

– Social security system (S1 form)
– Unemployment (U1 form)
– Pension Contribution (See Local Resident Administration)

Employment Management sets by FROLSON FRANCE & MALTA also may lead to tax exoneration for European Resident.

Our Crew payroll service  includes :

  • Registration of crew members as employees with competent Maltese authorities Handling of Social Security forms for crews vis-à-vis respective home country
  • Calculation of month payroll for every employee
  • Issuance of monthly payroll report for internal book-keeping services
  • Issuance of statutory month Tax & Social Security reports, for submission & payments to relevant authorities (If applicable)
  • Processing of payment to the relevant authorities (monthly)
  • Issuance of yearly statutory employer and employee (crew) reports
  • Review of employment contracts
  • France & Malta Income Tax Management

No extra cost in all our quote. We guarantee the best price and services

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